Sugar Crystal Snowflakes

One of the best things about winter is catching snowflakes on your tongue. Now imagine if you could make your own snowflakes, anytime of the year! With this simple experiment, you can!

What you’ll need

  • wide mouthed jar,
  • half a cup of water,
  • lots and lots of sugar,
  • pencil,
  • pipe cleaner (string can be used also)

How to:

1. Twist a pipe cleaner into the shape of a snowflake, add a small straight piece onto one corner

2. Boil the water

3. Add sugar to the water.

4. Stir until it is all dissolved

5. Keep adding sugar until it is super saturated. This means the sugar won’t dissolve anymore and sits on the bottom.

6. Let cool and pour into a wide mouthed jar

7. Loop the straight piece of pipe cleaner to a pencil

8. Put the pencil on the rim of the glass, put the rest of the snowflake in the glass

9. Put the glass in a safe spot

10. Check daily

What will I see?

The sugar crystals will grow each day. After four days, they should be ready to eat or decorate with.

How will this happen?

The water will evaporate into the air and the sugar crystals will be absorbed into the pipe cleaner.

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