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Patty Donovan,
Quispamsis Environmental Committee
November 1998


t.gif (259 bytes)he world is such a marvelous place
when the sun comes out after a heavy afternoon rain
and puddles abound.
As worms escape from their flooded homes
bare-footed children laugh and splash
and water licks their toes.
They dance and sing
a miraculous thing a puddle is, a wonder to behold,
a child that is happy, and wet, and cold.

Their spirts light and all gloom is dispelled
the earth is fresh and clean
and muddy little children say hooray for
God's rain making machine.
All snug now, a hot bath warms their cold little toes
but the spirit remembers and soars.
Keep it inside you over the years and in your heart
rejoin them, if you dare,
for Nature is such a marvelous thing to rid us of despair.

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(photo: NBEN-RENB)

Patty Dononvan