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On the Site ~ à propos du site


Veena Gokhale
Nov. 15, 2000

It was delightful to discover "Elements". I would like to know more about the magazine!  Congrats on the good work.

Marie-Michèle Mathieu
Nov. 10, 2000

Sa explique tout!!!

Nicholas Savoie
Nov 8, 2000

Très bon. Mon principale préoccupation environnementale est le réchauffement planétaire. 

Nov 8, 2000

Well organized, very good!

L. McMillan, BC
Nov. 8, 2000

Lots of good articles and photos in this fossil fuels issue. 
Thanks for the continuing effort.

La ferme de Beaugensiers
7 nov. 2000

Bonjour,  Nous aussi nous sommes conscients de la gravité de la situation. Enfin de sensibiliser les enfants, nous avons ouvert une 
ferme pédagogique avec pour thème le respect pour les animaux, la protection de l'eau... dans le Var. Mais il est très dur de monter cela car les gens ne croient pas à la nécessité de protéger l'environnement. Heureusement qu'il y a de l'espoir chez les jeunes !  Merci pour ce que vous faites.

Jean Laherrere
Nov. 2, 2000

Your site is quite good, Bravo!

Marcus Garnet
Halifax, NS
Nov. 1, 2000
Thank you! I am really impressed with the quality of the presentation.  Best wishes with your publication!
Mary Gorman,
Nov. 1, 2000
You've done a great job of the magazine.
The articles are terrific! Roger Davies' photos of the banners are
powerful. Well done!

Andrew White
Oct 31, 2000
Very good!

Yves Dinh
Oct 22, 2000

Well organized. Very good

Tony Jack,
Oct 18, 2000

Your site is nice even though I don't speak much francais. 

Emily Morgan
Director, Citizen Outreach & Monitoring
Center for Marine Conservation
Washington, DC USA.  Oct.18/00

I love your website!  Congratulations on your fabulous web-site and articles. Very informative and helpful. Your site is a refreshing mix of holistic living and environmentalism - always nice to find like-minded individuals!
Keep including the element of holistic living and living harmoniously with the planet.   The basic layout of earth, air, fire and water - brilliant! Easy and fun. Enjoyed the comment section where
readers submit views on specific issues.  Great site!

Henry Stringfellow
October 9, 2000

Enjoyed my first contact with this site. Very Good. 
Need to survey the site in depth, I was assisting my grandchild in searching for information on the base elements.

Sept 27, 2000

Very good!

David White
West Virginia
Sept. 28, 2000

First of all you have a first rate web site. I have marked it as a favorite. I live in West Virginia. I think that growing up in this state has made me aware of just what kind of  effect industry can have on an environment. When I first read " Silent Spring" and became educated on DDT I knew that I was surrounded by many other chemicals just as alarming. Anyway, West Virginia is a wonderful place to be. Sometimes it isn't healthy to be against mountain top removal in the coal fields. Little by little people are beginning to understand that something must be done to protect and preserve what is left of the hardwood forests and rivers. People who care face the same obstacles no matter where they live in this world.

Murray Pool
Antix Press
Sept 26, 2000

What a wonderful new site! I shall be a regular visitor.

Alex Boston
Click for Clean Air
Sept 26, 2000

I just checked out elements which is great.

25 sept. 2000

C'est la première fois que je visite ce site mais j'ai quand même eu l'occasion de constater la présence d'informations pertinentes au sujet de la santé. (les jeunes enfants et la dyslexie causée par la pol- lution par exemple.  Peu de gens parlent de ce trouble peu connu.) 

Agi Koller
Dalhousie, NS
Sept. 24, 2000

Good site, Variety of issues covered. You need more information on local environmental problems and what is being done in response.

M. Forbes
Sept 21, 2000

Good site!

Miguelle Legere
Sept. 14, 2000

Excellent, easy to surf site. I got to your website through "acadiespatiale". It's the first time I've perused it. Very nice indeed. Keep up the good work! I enjoyed the diversity of articles, interesting layout/graphic design, lots of links, bilingual...

Lisa Jayne
Sept 9, 2000

There are many informative articles in the magazine...

Rochelle Owen Dartmouth, NS
Sept 8, 2000

Great job. 
It looks snazzy and it is easy to read.

31 août , 2000

 Beau site!

Annelise Porter
August 30, 2000

I'm an interior design student RMIT in Melbourne, and we are studying the elements. FIRE AIR WATER EARTH. 
This site has really put a different slant on my studies. Thanks!
I think there are some very crucial issue mentioned throughout the site which I will take with me, and act upon.

Bev McBride
August 10, 2000

I just came across - quite by accident - the internet magazine Elements.  It's wonderful!! Congratulations to NBEN!
Best wishes

août 9, 2000


Bravo encore pour le beau travail avec votre site
"Sections de ce site qui sont bourrées d'articles fort intéressants. 
De plus, il y a une section jeunesse qui permet de sensibiliser davantage nos jeunes à l'environnement. Le multimédia est aussi omniprésent sur ce site aux vertes vertus. Éléments est à l'Internet ce que l'air est à l'homme..."

John Herron MP
Fundy Royal
August 2, 2000

I just had the occasion to visit this site for the 1st time --
its good stuff.

with roots in South China, Southern Africa and now rooting on the banks of the Ottawa.
July 29, 2000

Hear! Hear!  Jolly good Forum folks !
Let's get these pages and viewpoints to the wider global audiences.
Keep up the Great work.  Youth, our future to preserve our fragile earth, need support and encouragement. We Must share our responsible passions !

I tripped onto your website via CIDA, and am most grateful.

Sonia Gagnon
10 juillet 2000

La revue est super intéressante

Denis Prévost
12 juin, 2000

J'ai apprécié la la diversité des sujets.
Mon plus grands soucis sont pollution des eaux suite a la concentration animale des terres agricoles.

Jacques Breau
May 11, 2000

The layout is nice and the articles are good

Fredericton, NB
May 8, 2000

I wanted to read up and surf over the Elements of the Earth. When I searched thru Yahoo, I started at your site very first thing :o)
 I read this on your site: "We are a publication of the New Brunswick Environmental Network and are proudly produced in New Brunswick, Canada."  I was very impressed to see this site from my very own 
Province :o)  Bravo to you! 

Tegan Wong, 
May 5, 2000

It looks great!

JIhane Chemaly
April 19, 2000

Plus de photos! 
Les articles sur les problemes de l'environnement ..... très bien! 

Gail Williams
April 13, 2000

Excellent. Good french! I need the practice!

Marc Landry
April 11, 2000

Very good, Nice to have info on NB !!!

Joanne Richardson
19 mars, 2000

Il traite des sujets environnementaux. Bien évidament!

Mar 19, 2000


Valerie Courtois
Mar 19, 2000

The articles are well written and easy to understand. 
Very good site

Sarah Shima,
Falls Brook Centre

March 7, 2000

Excellent magazine. Make my modem faster! Enjoyed the articles the most. Keep it up! I know how much work a website takes - well done!

Walter Kasper
March 2, 2000
Excellent! Your main "Elements Headings" are good. Another area that you can touch on is the impact of your industry both positive and negative that they are having on your province's environment.  ie. maintaining forest biodiversity with current and future timber harvesting operations.  I enjoyed the relevancy of stories/editorials, the smart links you have used for both English and French reading audiences (good job) and document layout.

Matt Betts,
Moncton NB
March 3, 2000

I think you do a great job with Elements.
It is nice to have something to read that examines local environmental issues from a non-main stream perspective. Keep it up!

Georgette Pharand
February 19, 2000

J'aime la richesse des images visuelles!
Continuer l'éveil chez les jeunes.

Robichaud Benoit
February 3, 2000

Excellent site!

Rebecca Charles
February 1, 2000

Excellent, easy to surf, enjoyed everything

Kshama Takalkar,
India staying in
Gloucester, MA 
January 24, 2000

When I was in India, I was working on Environmental problems in our area & we did environmental awareness programs in schools & colleges. We also published small booklet on Environment for school children. Our target group was school children because they are our future. I'm very concerned about our mother earth so when I saw such web site I  feel very happy.

Beth McLaughlin
January 24, 2000

Excellent! The whole idea of elements is lovely...

Dennis Gedeon (Three Feathers)
January 20, 2000

Very good site.  I do not see or read anything to 'STOP' the destruction of our environment! Is it possible to pull the plug on modernization! Only my opinion, but we all seem to be dancing  around the 'real' problems that are causing pollution, bad-air, bad-water, unsafe-foods to eat and hunt! Where will it all end! 
We no longer co-exist with our earth mother! Most of the solutions are band-aid!!! Thanks for listening!!!  I enjoyed the 'Pictures'!!! Colorful!!! 

Simone Nascimento
January 20, 2000

Very good site.  Reliable information!

J. Denys Bourque
12 jan, 2000


Continuez à afficher des sommaires de ce qui est nouveau. 
Aussi maintenir les archives, i. e. ne jamais les détruire.
Félicitations ! Je reviendrai. J'aime beaucoup les photos !

Jan 4, 2000

It is good for all ages! Good site!

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