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Sadhana Lal,
Nov, 11, 2001

We have to live in this environment. So our responsiblity is to clean our environment and use our resources properly like our home.

Sheila O'Kane
Nov. 9, 2001

Best wishes to you as you continue your great work ! It is comforting to know there are people like you working for our Earth.

Ken FW
Ottawa, ON
Nov. 9, 2001

To those who stand strong and upright defending and promoting sustainable development and environmental issues, I as an outsider salute you.  You labour and persevere to attain you goals, oft without due recognition, but please be assured, you do not go unnoticed.  Doubtlessly I am one of many who enjoy the marvels of the numerous webs of life surrounding us, despite the stifling effects to too rapid urbanisation effects, will look for ways to become more involved.  A small way is to inform every friend and acquaintance on our E-mail lists , that a fine friend of the environment is to be found at <>. 
All living are cared for by Mother Nature's love and gentle healing processes, quis et Deus. 

Ernest Muhly
Oct. 7, 2001

Just a short note to say that I really enjoy receiving your Elements Online Environmental Magazine. I live "down under" in 
the mid-Atlantic area, and am working on restorative and transformative justice issues. Hope to have some pieces completed 
in the "near future" which I would be happy to share with you.
Best of luck with your upcoming issue!  Ciao

J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB
14 oct. 2001

C'est très bien et facile à utiliser.

L. McMillan
Courtenay, BC
Sept. 6, 2001

I can not begin to tell you how good this site is and the many great improvements made since I first looked at it three years ago.
The colors, animated motion, logos and of course the entire content. I have enjoyed every article and they are very meaningful indeed. Very professional, well done. You should be very proud!

Sheelagh Greek
Sept 4, 2001

I've just recently been made aware of your terrific website. thanks!

Blaise Ngeleka Kabongo, Afrique
Aug. 23, 2001

Ce site a été très merveilleux pour moi et je suis heureux d'entrer en contact avec vous. Je en Afrique / du Congo.

Mylène DiPenta
July 18. 2001

Just a few days ago I discovered your fabulous magazine. I didn't have time to browse then and returned today...thanks for a wonderful magazine!

Pamela Smith
Sussex, NB
July 16, 2001

I was forwarded to your site and found it very interesting and useful. I am researching uses for natural plants in N.B. for medicinal, health and recipes uses. Thank you

Martin Boulerice
July 2001

Congratulation on your last issue of your publication,
it is well built and it looks really professional.

M. A. Bergeron
Joliette (Québec)
11 juillet, 2001

J’ai lu avec intérêt votre site sur l’énergie et croyez moi ce n’est pas
avec de la fumée local que nous sauverons la planète dans tous les cas l’espèce humaine qui étouffe de plus de jour en jour par un amas de matières particulaires en autre venant de la combustion du bois. Prière consultez les sites de Santé Canada ou Environnement Canada sur les particules fines ou les furanne et dioxine. Les maladies respiratoires sont un fléau malheureusement qui augmente de jour en jour.

Jackie Gowans
June 11, 2001

Very good. 

Willi Nolan,
June 3, 2001

Great e-zine! I'll show the kid section to my son, I bet he'll love
the facts.

Ken Winchiu,
Ottawa, ON
June 3, 2001

Almost a year after my last comment.  I am pleased to read and digest various comments made most lucidly, points noted.  I remain against the greed of modern urbanised 'mankind'  

Ken Fok
June 2, 2001

Very good. I visit more than once a week.  I would like to see more links to other eco-environmental projects that meet or exceed your own standards of excellence.  

Daniel LeBlanc
Moncton, NB
June 1, 2001

Good work  Your green map looks really nice. 

Huguette Allen
April 17, 2001

You have a very good site, easy to use and understand even for beginners.   However, I urge you to please add a section called "Take Action" in every one of your items because it is very frustrating to read to the end of an article, such as about Orimulsion, and to be left with nothing to do.  Please let us know who to write to - how to join action groups, so that we feel we can do something.

Response from Elements:  Please visit our FaxAction site where you can send free faxes to any NB politician about any subject that concerns you!

Carmel Vivier
New Brunswick
April 14, 2001


I enjoyed all aspects of the site and found it to be very informative.
I find it difficult to understand why NB has no endangered
species legislation in place... a lot of people (government included) do not understand that some species are not evolving, they are going extinct!

Mark Nicholas
Feb. 20, 2001

I enjoyed the clear and concise articles accompanied by photos.

Jennifer Kay
Jan 26, 2001

Very good!

Graham Smith
Halifax, NS
Jan 24, 2001

It's an amazing web-site.

Jacinthe Breau
Jan 23, 2001

Ce site est facile à parcourir et regorge d'informations très intéressantes sur ce qui se fait ici au Nouveau-Brunswick en
matière de préservation environnementale.

Andrea Ropeleski
Jan. 22, 2001

I'm new to the site. I enjoyed the variety and diversity of info, from therapies to animals & environment

Trudy Bengivenni
Nova Scotia
Jan. 19, 2001

It's my first visit— it's very inviting & I'm having such a pleasant visit.  Lots of interactive opportunity, very colourful and easy to move around in; very well laid out! Great site! I will tell people about it. I don't have a submission right now, but
perhaps in the near future. Thanks!

L. McMillan
Jan. 17, 2001

I visit once a week, keep on with what you are doing and add new articles as often as possible.  Layout, color schemes, easy to navigate, great articles and pictures.

Nada Comeau
Coordonatrice du bassin versant de Tabusintac
17 jan, 2001

Trés beau cite et ça fait du bien de voir des conféres de travail et ami.

Terry Mulcahy
Jan.5, 2001

excellent!  Might I suggest articles on the best and worst cities in the Maritimes regarding their environments, fossil fuel consumption and pollution output.  I enjoyed the variety of information, for example the article on moulds was a very interesting article.

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