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On the Site ~ à propos du site


Brent Winchester
Dec. 19, 1999
Great local news and info! 
Great site, articles are well-written

Bill Hine
Nov 30, 1999
Your website is very high quality and I hope you get many hits. Thanks!
Gart Bishop
Nov 19, 1999
I  wish to congratulate you on a delightful presentation and layout.

Peter Bruvels
Oct 28, 1999
Really nice site Guys and Gals.
Stephanie MacDougall
Halifax, NS
Oct 27, 1999
I just had the pleasure of coming across your website today. My name is Stephanie and I am an Environmental Science student at Saint Mary's University in Halifax.  However, I'm originally from Centreville, NB. It's great to see a publication like yours that concentrates on issues in our province.  Thanks so very much & keep up the good work!
Vanessa Cotterell
U of Guelph
October 25, 1999
I rate this site excellent! I like that Elements is bilingual and that it concentrates only on NB issues.
Jim Sedge
Ocotber 25, 1999
This is a tremendous, excellent site which I enjoyed and will visit again - many times.  I enjoyed most of all, the articles on composting, organic gardening and improved vehicles.
L. L. McMillan
Victoria, BC
Sept 30, 1999
I have just spent the better part of my afternoon going over every inch of your Earth, Wind, Fire, Air, Kids page, Multimedia, Musa, About us, Archives and Talk to us areas. I am most impressed by everything. The message is clear in every topic, well written articles, necessary information and great pictures. Keep up this very important work, there are many of us who do believe.
Christine Muru
Sept 16, 1999
Bonjour, Toutes mes félicitations pour votre site! très intéressant!! Merci! 
Lamont Ong
Sept 10, 1999
"... I discovered your magnificent website!"
Founder of Save the Earth Site

Brian Cook
Sept 7, 1999
"... I think the article presentation is excellent, very inviting to read.  It is terrific to see your website up."
Craig Devendorf  Saginaw Valley State University
Sept 5, 1999
I truly enjoyed the photo album you put together 
on New Brunswick.

Leonard Fraser
Canadian EarthCare Society
July 16, 1999
This site is great. You've done a great job. I am updated my site now (ours has been stagnant for nearly 3 years) and would like to use you as a link. Job well done!
Lise Caron
Le club d’Ornitologie du Madawaska Ltee
July 13, 1999
I have looked through the Agriculture issue... I find it very attractive and dynamic. I like very much the Vegetable Family part for children (and older)...
Douglas Barnhart
June 1, 1999
Your skills and execution of design has earned you a link from our site. We want to congratulate you again on a job well done. Badger.Org, Inc. - Web & Multimedia SuperGroup
Len Evancic
Webmaster for
Outdoor Web Cams and Travel Information Resources Worldwide
May 31, 1999
I'm writing to invite you and your readers to visit a Family Oriented, Travel, and Educational Site that has been featured in USA TODAY, The L.A. Times, Miami Herald and other fine publications worldwide. Leonard's Cam World features 2500+ organized links to "live" outdoor cameras and travel information resources. Visitors can learn about hundreds of cities worldwide as they view them through the camera's lens. Our site is linked from several online libraries and is used as a teaching aid by parents, teachers and students. Leonard's Cam World is located at

Naomi Lloyd, Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 14, 1999
Web searching brought us to your web site and we found it very useful.
From: The Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

Peggy Dunn
April 29, 1999

Jack Mikula,
April 7, 1999

We have visited your website, and we feel that it is a valuable asset
to the World Wide Web.  Your website is well designed, safe for children, and a significant contributor to the appreciation of nature and ecology on the World Wide Web.

Toufique Harun,
April 1, 1999

Congratulations!!!   Your site has very interesting content. It
serves as an example to the rest of the electronic community.

Jeff Clark
March 1999



We found your site to be among the elite on the WWW.  You should be very proud of the work you have done.
Marvelously rich content. While I don't personally agree with a lot of the philosophies your articles espouse, it is still hard to deny the quality of the research, the depth of information, and the value to the community. Keep up you great content

Ken & Maureen Lussey, UK
March 1999

We were very impressed by what we saw. Congratulations!

Eric Nielson
March 18, 1999

I enjoyed surfing your site

Shoshana, Montreal
March 14, 1999

I was excited to find a Canadian, bilingual website talking about
the subjects that interest me. Keep it up!

Anonymous Visitor from NB
Feb 19, 1999

I really enjoy surfing on your site there are very good topics that is very interesting to read ,also nice pictures. Great job!

Serge Kostylev
Feb 17, 1999

You have created a very well designed and easy to navigate site with quality content.

Stefan Forthmeiier
Creative Crew
Feb 16, 1999

We have been at your site and surfed around for a while.  We like what we have seen, it's well done and easy to navigate.  Your page have to be easy to navigate and responsive (not slow!). You have some good information in the site.  You have done a great job.
Keep up the good work

From the staff at Eclipse Web Designs,
C. Onjack
Feb 12, 1999

We enjoyed our visit to your site very much.  You should be proud of your site because we can tell that it took  (ALOT OF HARD WORK) and we were impressed.  It is creative and different, visually appealing, easy to navigate, contains nicely done graphics and your site also offers enhancement to the internet community in general.  Again...Congratulations

Jerry Fiser
Feb 12, 1999


It is very obvious that a lot of thought and work went into designing and maintaining your pages.

Xung Phung
Feb 12, 1999

I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into your web site.  I found it to be excellent, very well designed in both the layout and its content.  I really enjoy my visiting. Congratulations on a job well done!

Arthur Goldstuck
Feb 9, 1999

Lovely site.

Wendy Beck
Feb 11, 1999

You have a very nice site, good design, and presented well, and easy to navigate. It had alot of good information.

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