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Climate change forecasts show a great likelihood of water supply shortages all over the world. In light of this, should Canada agree to export some of its water supplies?

Les changements climatiques prévus démontrent qu'il y aura probablement des pénuries d'eau à travers le monde.  Compte tenu de ces constatations, est-ce que le Canada devrait être d'accord pour exporter une partie de ses réserves d'eau?

John Lopes,
Toronto, Canada
December 25, 2003
Perhaps the issue is best summarized in this way : One of the main problems with the bulk sale and export of water is that once it starts, the water becomes a commodity under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Critics say at that point Canadian sovereignty over its water will take a back seat to trade."---- Radio Netherlands, 2001
Ottawa, ON
Nov 30, 2003
I think this whole thing is a poopy idea 

Brampton, ON 
Nov 20, 2003
YES Yes Yes. I am American!


J. Thing
Nov 10, 2003

Water is too much a vital and precious heritage too sell. Although Canada has nearly 20% of the earth's total fresh water supply only 9% of it is renewable through the hydrological cycle. Here are the facts they want to sell the water from the great lakes, the bay of Nfld and some other places. only an inch of water will be removed but this may add up to billions of gallons. Canada has about 20% of the fresh water in the world. if we remove the water `it may do some serious damage to the ecosystem. many unknown and lethal consequences that may result. some plants and algae will be destroyed. some
fish relay on algae. if the fish die it will cause a chain reaction. in years we will have a water shortage everyone thinks water is everlasting but its not. already some cities in Canada are facing water problems. some countries have sold water and have stopped because of shortages. we will make more money by charging citizens of Canada for the water. This is an invasion of public good for private profit. It's corporate greed for public goods such as water, which, like food, is an essential." Canadian exports of fresh water should be banned. Water is a valuable resource and part of our natural beauty that makes Canada what it is today. If we start to export it for monetary gain or to be neighborly it can only serve to irrevocably upset our ecosystem.
1) causing climate change, 
2) by over consuming, 
3) by overpopulating in general, and 
4) by abusing technology to over populate areas in particular that are cannot support current and future populations due to scarcities of water and other necessities of life.
Canada's own water supply is questionable. I'm certainly in favour of helping less fortunate countries however we must be sure our own citizens are cared for first and foremost. Our water should stay put for our own needs. Canada is one of the world's most favoured nations with regard to available fresh water, although there are even parts of Canada that are short of water. 

Janessa Walker 
Nov 9, 2003
Yes ,we should share because if we do not we will not be creating peace

Nov 2, 2003
This is not a question about being selfish or not, it is the question of environment. If we start giving our water, our environment will suffer from this cause it needs this water to live. Without our environment, Canada is hopeless. There is no way in hell
we can provide all of the world with water. It is time we think of surviving, climatic changes are also waiting for us in a few years.

Mila Wood
Oct 28, 2003
NO Way in hell should we export our water to other countries! Even if it will bring war upon us, the U.S. can't fight us for all the times we've fought and died for them in their stupid no good wars. My name is Julie and IM CANADIAN
Matt Kula, 
Burlington, Ontario
Oct 17, 2003
Canada should sell enough of its water so that they don't go water poor. They would profit from this and be able to use the money to build machines that convert salt water to fresh water. And that way we wouldn't be losing water but gaining more and more meaning we could give more and more.
Swapnil Patel  
Oct 15, 2003
I think we must export water to the countries that really need water because as long as I know not many countries are enable to get water from rain or rivers.
Troy Mcfarlane
Ottawa, ON
June 9, 2003
I think we should sell our water because if we don't the other countries will turn on us and then we will have to fight for our own water. 

John Smith
Ottawa, Ontario
June 5, 2003
Share the moment share life!

James Bond
Ottawa, Ontario
June 5, 2003
 Hell No!!!!

Hamilton, ON
June 2, 2003
YES!!! People in other countries are DYING from drought while we take hour-long showers and sauna treatments. Our egocentricism is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. 
May 15, 2003
I think it is a poopy idea to help the stupid U.S. 

Ellen Montreal
May 14, 2003
I think that the exportation of water from Canada will eventually come whether we agree with that or not... Now, it's more a question of HOW we export the water. Do we have enough regulations and legislations on the export. Have we done enough tests on how and by how much it will affect the environment (both locally and globally). Of course, the exportation and diversions WILL change (and we are already changing) the bio-system and the environmental cycle in the future (as stated by many people here) but how could we mitigate the impacts?
Reno, Moncton
April 26, 2003

No, we should not export

Mariana, Toronto
April 23, 2003
I don't think we should because it is going to affect the people by doing this we can run out off water people can ask more money for going in to the skating ring because of the shortness of water.
Shahrbano Hazara
Ottawa, Mar.30/03
Share the moment, share the water.

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