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Climate change forecasts show a great likelihood of water supply shortages all over the world. In light of this, should Canada agree to export some of its water supplies?

Les changements climatiques prévus démontrent qu'il y aura probablement des pénuries d'eau à travers le monde.  Compte tenu de ces constatations, est-ce que le Canada devrait être d'accord pour exporter une partie de ses réserves d'eau?

December 15, 2004
Water is not a renewable resource what about our grandchildren and their children. I don't think we should.
Shannon S.
Hamilton, ON
Dec. 7, 2004
NO, the US will only need more water because they poison their water. As a result they will drain our lakes, therefore destroying the food chain.
Toronto, ON
Nov 30, 2004
U.S can get a filter system for the 2 oceans beside them and if they need the money why don't they sell their missiles.
Nov 24, 2004
I think that Canada should sell their water. (not to the U.S. though)

Nov 18, 2004

I think that Canada should share its water with the USA because they need it in some parts and the only Christian-like thing to do is to help those in need. Think of it... What Would Jesus Do or WWJD. He would share and I'm sure that He wants us to share our water with them. And also, what if you lived in the USA... you might say "well I'm not", but just imagine. Imagine that your parents (if you're a kid) decided to move to one of those places. Wouldn't you want us to give some water to you? Honestly. I'm sure you would want some water. People are in need there and its our responsibility to provide them with their needs. You might also be thinking "why can't other people give water to them?", but we can't always think that. We are close by to them and other places close by could also be thinking "why can't someone else give it to them?", but I think that we should help our fellow Americans.
Rachel Sly,
Kingston Ontario 
Nov 18, 2004
No I don't think that Canada should be exporting its water to the US, maybe some to third world counties who really need the water but not to the US!!! They have their own water supply and besides if they don't, why don't they just buy some, it would be nice to see some of their money going into something other than bombs. Their money and energy could've been spent on something useful like finding a way to turn the salt water that they are surrounded by into pure water that they could drink instead of buying ours... then they can go back to bombing anyone they find the tiniest bit annoying or uncool! Forget America and I mean it!!! If they want water so badly they can suck the water out of the soil they so lightly contaminate with their sports cars and cell phones that "everyone" just "has" to have if you want to talk to someone and you are going to go and see them then why don't you just move there for crying out loud! Another thing. If we do export our water to the US and the climate change does effect how much water we have for ourselves than were going to be screwed if we try and stoop selling them pure water and that will start a war.... haha, but will they have any money to buy bombs to kill us with after spending all their money OUR water!!!! Long live the CANADIAN DREAM!
Reanna Wolfe 
Kingston Ont 
Nov 18, 2004
No I don't think we need to give the Americans our water. They have lakes, the ocean, and a bunch of other water supplies, so they don't need ours. There are other countries in the world that have NO water at all so if we are going to send it anywhere send it there. All the Americans and Bush care about is attacking other countries anyway. If we give them our water they would still just as easy attack us as if we didn't because their stupid president only wants their country and no others. I say we don't send them the water and see how they survive when the world is against them. If they decide to hate all of the rest of the world then we don't need to help them at all now do we?  In short, let s just NOT send the Americans our water supplies that we will need and then, we laugh as they crumble!!!!!!
Jay Ket
Houston BC
November 14, 2004
NO NO NO NO NO NO.... US is the worst country ever don't sell our water to them!
Nov 10, 2004
To share or not to share? 
My first thought is, we Canadians have no greater right to water than others in the world, so we should share equitably and not for profit, which would benefit only those with money to pay. Yet, I also feel communities should sustain themselves with local resources. If the resources of an area cannot sustain the population, then that population is doomed unless they move elsewhere. 
Therefore, perhaps Canada should consider inviting as many immigrants 
from drought stricken areas as our own resources will sustain. This would assume that Canada was already managing its own environment in a responsible fashion, which is not now (or foreseeably) the case. So the point is moot

Nov. 9, 2004
I don't think we should share, sell, or give water to our neighbors to the south. They are a large enough country with their own vast supplies of water found in their many rivers and lakes. There are over 2.5 million dams in the U.S. Most of their water is allotted to agriculture. Their technology is advanced and they are wealthy enough, they should invest some of their military funds towards desolation. 
We should export water to nations that are under extreme water stress, and cannot turn to alternate solutions. Countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Botswana.

Nov 6, 2004
We shouldn't sell our water...because that is the best thing we have and we should never ever sell it 
Chelsea Freeman
& Melissa 
Huntsville Ontario
Nov 3, 2004
Yes because Canada has a population of 32,507,874 people and 
891,163sq/km of water. And the U.S.A has a population of293,027,571 people 
and 469,495 sq/km of water so the US needs it for all of the people living there and plus their tourists. 

Oct 30, 2004

Make them drink the ocean water, not Canada's water

Tyra Joy
Oct 26, 2004
Hell NO!! It's our water. Why should we give it to the USA. Bush always puts us down anyways...so he can go screw himself. If we give any water away it should only be to countries that really need it the most. (i.e. 3rd world countries. Also if we give water away we don't even know if we will have enough left for ourselves

Darya Osinchuk,
Sept. 30, 2004
I don't really think Canada should sell its water resources because soon, in time, Canada itself will run out of water. But, then again, it wouldn't hurt to give some of it, NOT ALL of it but just enough- whatever that may be... 
Just think about the pros and cons, and plus, there are other sources; like the oceans. It may be expensive to get rid of the salt content in it, but there is a helluva lot more water there than there is in Canada.

Myrna Farnsworth
NS, July 5, 2004

Aarielle Courtney Calgary AB
Age 14
June 14, 2004
I don't think that Canada should export its water to the us or any other country. if we started to sell our water, we would not be able to control the exports. we would be unable to limit the purchases that other countries make concerning our water. they could drain all of our lakes if they wanted to. Exporting or diverting the water flow of lakes in Canada could also result in climate change. it can affect the people living near the water export areas negatively as well (ei. ranchers, farmers etc). it would disturb our already delicate ecosystem. 
Jenn Miller
May 13, 2004
The Americans can drink their crap beer and leave our water alone 
Jenn Miller, 
Leuc AB
May 13, 2004
I think that the US should get their water from somewhere else in the world. they have lots of water in Alaska (a place that they just HAD to have) so they should go get it from there. If God wanted them to have water, they would. Plus we have to think of ourselves to, if we get rid of our water than we COULD run out ourselves. 
Mystery Man 
April 26, 2004 
Jason Ghawali, Newmarket, ON 
April 13, 2004

April 13, 2004
No way people, it's our water, we need it 
11 years old
March 11, 2004
Yes yes yes I think we should, I mean look at all those thirsty kids in Africa! 
Don't be so mean

February 18, 2004
I say that we should not export water because if we start exporting then we will lose control over it. Then eventually Canada will run out of water and we will be hopeless. God has given water TO US, not to give to the U.S and other Countries. To hell with U.S and all the other Countries... this is our supply of water and we will do whatever we want with it.
Pine ridge Quarterback
February 16, 2004
Canada should export water. Canadians are one of the fourth largest consumers of water if we weren't so water happy we would have billions of litres of water per day for export. 5 million people die every year in other countries, we help Afghans and others should we not help the water poor. I live in Toronto, if we were to export water to the states we could use the money to save homeless and clean up the streets. Future wars will be fought over water, but we have a chance to stop this now.
January 19, 2004
I think that Canada should share some of its water with the U.S, but people are right, there are way more 3rd world countries that need it more then the U.S, so maybe we should ship just as much if not more over to them instead, but making sure that we wont run out ourselves. It sounds selfish but realize that we have to take care of ourselves too.
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