Protéger mère terre pour la 7ième génération


La mère terre vie une crise existentielle environnnementale.

Au nom du progrès et du développement, l'être humain dénigre et manque de respect pour la terre sacrée, ce qui entraine une destruction de celle-ci. 

Nous vivons dans une ère de consommation et toute l'économie en dépends ainsi que la santé de notre terre sacrée. 

Nous n'avons qu'une mère-terre et ce que nous lui infligeons, nous l'infligeons à nous même. 

Si nous réussissons à rassembler nos forces pour collaborer à changer les mentalités destructrices pour les éduquer à protéger la terre, peut être que la septième génération aura une place à vivre.















































































All we have to do is show respect 


































Living the Sacred Trust: 
Protecting Mother Earth for the Seventh Generation

Dan Ennis 
Traditional Elder of the Wulustukyeg
April 2005

I am working for Creation. I refuse to be part of its destruction. My people, the Wulustukyeg, believe that each generation has it within their power to either preserve or destroy our Earth Mother. The present generation has done a very bad job of preserving and passing on the sacred trust of remembering, honouring, respecting and protecting our Earth Mother. But do not allow this fact to deter you in living that sacred trust.

In the beginning our homeland, Turtle Island (North America), was a paradise on Earth and it remained so until 1492. This is when our paradise on Earth began to be disrespected, denigrated, diminished and destroyed. The primary destructive force that our European brothers brought to our homeland and which continues its destructive process today is what has come to be known as the competitive free market economy. This is what I call the Petrie dish paradigm - the progress and development paradigm. One that will eventually destroy Mother Earth and everything that lives upon her - including the two leggeds.

The Petrie dish mentality is simply what happens when bacteria in a Petrie dish are permitted to consume, pollute and foul the Petrie dish environment to its logical and eventual self-destruction.

When one looks at what has been done in the past 500 years to our Turtle Island and all of her resources, including human, in the name of progress and development, then one cannot help but see the destructive force of the so-called free market economy. This destructive force can only take and take and devour - it cannot give back.

Like bacteria in a petrie dish, the so-called free market economy is hardwired to self destruct. Once it has devoured everything in its path, it will then turn on itself because that is all that it knows: to devour, destroy, kill and make war. This only leaves death and destruction in its wake. Since such a destructive paradigm is without neither heart nor feelings it is neither responsible for nor accountable to the Ancestors, the People, the Seventh Generation nor Mother Earth.

Co-operative paradigms

My people's paradigm, the one that preserved our paradise on Earth, was one of respectful relationships with Great Creator, Mother Earth and all of Creation. It is a paradigm of living in co-operation with all of Creation and being accountable to the Seventh Generation, as opposed to the bottom line.

(Photo: Jean-Paul LeBlanc)

Is the common ground that our people are searching for to be within the paradigm of respect and co-operation or is it to be within the paradigm of competition and destruction? If it's to be the paradigm of co-operation then the break from the paradigm of competition must be total and complete. As I see it, in order for one to break completely from the paradigm that is destroying our Earth Mother and in turn human kind, one must first recognize, acknowledge and accept that one is, in actual fact, locked away within the prison/paradigm of their own making.

These are the words of the Ancestors: We can change things if we are aware, if we pay attention to how we live and treat others. All we have to do is show respect.

There are so many fearful, angry and selfish people today. It is important that everybody gives up being so selfish. When we share the things we have with others then everyone will be taken care of. You cannot take care of yourself if you are taking from others. It will come back on you. The more bad you give out the more you will get back. If you give good, you get good back because it is all a circle.

There is enough money to make sure that no one is hungry and that no one is without shelter. This too will be hard to achieve because of all the greed. Greed is destroying what is sacred to us - our sacred Mother Earth! She must become sacred to all human beings because it is she who nurtures and sustains all of life.


We are all Creator's people. We still have our ceremonies to honour Creator. All peoples have their ceremonies. I tell everyone who asks, that they can find their ceremonies if they use the "good mind." Great Creator still speaks to all peoples on Earth. She will speak to you. One has to listen. You can't hear from just reading or watching television. You have to return to your circle. That may be hard because your forefathers may have covered your circle with confusion. Clear that away and there will be your ceremonies.

(Photo: Native Youth Magazine)

We still have our ceremonies to honour Creator.

Now is the time for everyone to honour Great Creator and honour himself or herself by remembering their ceremonies. They must listen to the good voice inside of themselves and join together in one voice by using the "good mind".

We are still here

Now we must join with the indigenous peoples and all peoples around the world in respect for all life. We can do this by showing that we are stronger than all the forces that have tried to separate and remove us from Mother Earth. Everybody needs to know that life is sacred; and that we are staying put. We will not be angry but determined. We will not be ruled by our hatred. Nothing will make us be filled with fear or hatred.

Politicians have no power over us. The corporations don't have power over us. Not even the government, unless and until we choose to give over our power to them. Now we all must join together and know how strong we are. Great Creator promised that if we followed the original instructions then she would take care of us. She has proved that by the fact that people are still here. Also, our Earth Mother continues to fulfill her responsibilities. So, we are still here and our children will be following us. No one can stop the generations.

The important issue is how will we live? 
Will we live in fear and do as the authorities tell us and give us nothing in return?  Or will we be strong enough to unite for the good of everybody? 
And for the Seventh Generation? 
I say we will!

We are now coming together with all our brothers and sisters all over the world. You may not be seeing it yet but it is happening. None of us are going to be victims anymore.

Great Creator made everything equal. Human beings are the same to Creator as every other living thing.

Creator gave human beings the sacred responsibility to watch out for the rest of Her creation. This makes us the guardians. But look at what we've done. Instead of being the Guardians, some people have learned how to destroy because of greed. The animals and fish and the birds don't do that, they just go on with their duties.

So we've got to help change people's minds in order to get them to protect the land so that the Seventh Generation will have some place to live.

The Circle

Human beings don't know all things. Each one is given a different ability. Some know some things and others know other things. No one knows it all. That is why we need each other. When we come together we can know more things. That's what participating in ceremonies is all about. When we are together in the circle we are one. As one we can be more in "the knowing". In the circle we get closer to Great Creator and those different abilities unite for the good of us all. This is when everything becomes possible.

The woman is like Mother Earth. She brings life. If you hurt her you are going against Great Creator and cutting life down. You have to have man and woman for children to come into the world.

The woman knows how to take care of the life of the children. Man doesn't know as much. He doesn't pay attention to how to help them grow and learn. The woman understands things that the man never learned. She can make decisions on what is best for the welfare of everybody. Men are prone to rush into things like war. The woman can think things out in a slower more thoughtful manner because she is closer to Mother Earth.

We know that nothing is impossible with Creator. Great Creator gave us Her abilities and she spread them around among us. This was so that each one of us would use our ability for good.

Creator also wanted us to realize that we had come together in the circle so that we could sense just how powerful She is. When we're in that circle and living with it in our hearts great things happen every day that cannot be easily explained. She gave us the circle so that we can benefit from being one with Her and one with each other.

Seventh Generation

It is a privilege to walk upon our Earth Mother. We should walk in such a way so as to never leave our footprints. That will protect Mother Earth for generations to come. What will the Seventh Generation do when they come to find that our Earth Mother will not provide for them because of what we did? Maybe they wouldn't be able to live long enough to clean up the mess we made just so they could have a place to live. Think about how sad you would be if you knew your grandchildren suffered because of what you did.

Are we to be the generation that allows that final and irrevocable break in the sacred hoop of life; in the complete break with and from the Ancestors (past) from the people (present) and the Seventh Generation (the future)? 

Or are we to be the generation that begins the process of healing and mending the sacred hoop of life through our return to the traditional teachings?

What I would like to share and pass on to the next generation: 

  • that we are all related - that we are all one 
  • that we are all connected 
  • that the earth is our mother 
  • that we all need to honour her, respect her, love her and protect her 
  • for this is what she does for each and every one of us that we need to love one another or die

This is the way of the People. These are the teachings of the Ancestors. This is our legacy to the Seventh Generation.

All My Relations