Un portrait de la Petitcodiac

Daniel LeBlanc dit qu'un endroit permanent sera trouvé cette année pour la murale qui fut créée lors de la rencontre du Jour de la Terre de sorte que tous ceux et celles qui ont participé à sa  création puissent y avoir accès.


Mural Making-
Fabrication de
la murale

A Portrait of the Petitcodiac

  by Daniel LeBlanc
  Sentinelle Petitcodiac Riverkeeper
  June 2000

group of artists inspired by the Petitcodiac River and its tidal bore created a spirited work of art on Earth Day 2000. 

From the Château Moncton balcony overlooking the river, artists added their personal touches on the group painting as the tides flowed up the Petitcodiac.

(photo: NBEN-RENB )

Animated by the life and the movements of the river environment, the painting also shows the interconnectedness of all aspects related to these tides and the Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore- the sun, the moon and the winds from the Bay.

At the closure of the Earth Day Event, the group of painters donated the painting to the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper organization from Moncton.

A permanent home for the painting will be found in the course of this year, so that all who took part in its creation and the public can have access to it.

(photo: NBEN-RENB)