Andre Audet


André has been a self-taught multimedia artist, since the age of eighteen.

He is now living in the Gaspé, Maritimes and Bay of Chaleur.

When he creates his art, he dips into his inner well, his imaginary world, to express in a personal manner, a vision of the world and of nature. 


"Photo art 1997"
"Photo art 1997"

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André Audet


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André Audet


s concerns Earth Day, on April 22nd,  I must admit that all of it was well organized and in a marvelous setting. 

The native approach is very close to my aspirations, in order to integrate internal healing and saving our environment and our planet."

"Tenêtro II [et pince a linge]"
"Tenêtro II [et pince a linge]"

"All of it was a great opportunity to meet and to celebrate.

The river (water symbolizing emotions) is the reflection of all that can be lived emotionally."

"Photo atelier-  I Series - Bamboo"
"Photo Workshop-  Series I - Bamboo"


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