Louisa Barton-Duguay is a mixed-media artist. 

She was born in Saskatchewan and lived in British Columbia for 30 years.

A graduate of Mount Allison University, Sackville N.B., she is presently living and working in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Louisa has a studio at the Aberdeen Culture Centre.

An artist and an environmentalist, she almost always utilizes subjects from nature.



"Dancer with Sun and Moon"
"Dancer with
Sun and Moon"










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Louisa Barton-Duguay


really loved the event. 

The event for me was like a picnic among friends celebrating something good, rivers."

"An image of the platter that I made
in response to the topic of rivers"

"I knew many people at the event and I met many new friends that day. 

There was good food and conversation, poetry and fun activities."

"Boat on a River"
"Boat on a River"

"I really enjoyed the day and the way everyone was brought together respecting the wholeness and the interconnectedness of all that is."

Louisa Barton-Duguay 
109 Broadway Street,
Moncton, NB   E1A 3Y3
Telephone: 506-855-9119