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The MarshFire Company, consists of artists and educators from the various cultural communities in South East New Brunswick. 

The company produces plays, various productions, as well as holding craft fairs.

Artists involved with Marshfire include Gilbert Sewell, Bertholet Charron, Linda Dornan, David Fancy, Herménégilde
Chiasson, Milosh Roddick, Cynthia Sewell, Kim Snider, Luc-Anne Walker, Tanya Dunlop and many others.







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was really enthused, and really enjoyed the Earth Day gathering", said David Fancy, Creative Director of the MarshFire Company.


"I found particularly powerful those who linked the river as metaphor with rivers of language, rivers of creativity, changing rivers of identity and rivers of strength and vision."

"My favorite moment was seeing fifty people gathered out on the porch of the Chateau Moncton, drumming and dancing energetically, almost summoning the tidal bore!"

David Fancy
The Marshfire Company
28 York St. Unit D
Sackville, NB, E4L 4R4
Telephone: 506-536-0405
Fax: 506-536-3899

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