Herménégilde Chiasson


Chiasson was born
in St-Simon, N-B, 
in 1946. He has a
PhD in esthetics from
the Sorbonne in
Paris and a Masters
in Fine Arts from the
State University of

He has published ten
books, three of
which have been
shortlisted and finally
won the Governor
General Award for
poetry in 1999.

Herménégilde has
exhibited his works
in many solo and
group shows and
directed fifteen films.
He has written over
thirty texts for the
stage and presided
over many Acadian
artistic institutions,
the latest being the
Centre culturel

He lives in Grand
Barachois, close by
the Kouchibouguac

A man and woman behold a 
flowering tree

-- 1996 --


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Herménégilde Chiasson


hen we were kids in school in St-Simon it was a common practice, sometimes in the Spring to take half a day off to celebrate the Earth. Our activities would involve cleaning the school ground of all the dirt accumulated during the winter and, once that was done, we would play and just enjoy the beautiful weather."

Herménégilde Chiasson

"The NBEN Earth Day event dedicated to rivers somehow reminded me of those early days but on an artistic level. The fact that the first half of the day was largely filled with words, talking and cleaning our minds of the pain that we see being done to the earth sometimes without the consolation that much could be done to revert that damage. "


Herménégilde Chiasson

"I remember the talking circle that took place in the morning, an experience that would sure be very useful for many politicians who would finally get a chance to listen instead of inventing solutions without listening.

The afternoon was geared much more towards expression and emotion about the same subject: our place on the Earth and how we are all part of the problem and part of the solution."

Herménégilde Chiasson 
2 Roma Hélène
Grand Barachois, NB
Telephone: 506-855-0010

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