Les Païens

As the hosts of the
Tuesday night
Improv-jam at the
"Au Deuxième
Cabaret" in Moncton,
New Brunswick,
Les Païens are
in a state of perpetual
creation and morph
themselves to their
surroundings through
improvisation and

They have several
recordings including:
"EP  Phonde"
(1999), "Pet-kout-koy-ek"
(1996, benefit
album for the
Petitcodiac River)

"Fishwine: J’ai dit
bon vol. II and III"
Cougar Slices à
vendre (1995) 
"J’ai dit bon"

They have
performed and
recorded two
televison series
episodes 1994-95
Lunatiques (TFO),
13 episodes,
as well as many

The members of
the group are
Marc Arsenault,
Jean Surette, 
Denis Surette and
Glen Deveau.

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Les Païens


he Earth day celebrations were wonderful.

To see so many people huddled together discussing problems and solutions to todays pressing environmental concerns was encouraging."

"Les Païens at the Earth Day Event"
(photo: NBEN-RENB)

"Les Païens joining the festivities
at the Earth Day Event"

"As musicians, we rarely make great politicians but we are able to use our talents to bring
awareness to such causes. 

Les Païens are committed to helping in any way we can with the advancement of environmental causes in our region and abroad."
                                             Marc Arsenault

(photo: RENB-NBEN)


Marc Arsenault
Matt D'Astous


Les Païens 
P.O. Box 1654
Moncton , NB
E1C 9X5
Telephone: 506-389-9678

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