CC Hub

Our goal is to stimulate dialogue on climate change and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the total amount of education and outreach initiatives in N.B. For more information you can contact the Hub at: (506) 455-8961 ext 113, or by email at

Climate Change Education and Outreach

The New Brunswick Climate Change Hub, established in April 2001, is one of several Hubs across the country funded by Federal, Provincial and Territorial Governments.  The NB Hub brings together organizations in New Brunswick concerned with climate change and involved in delivery of public education and outreach projects.  The NB Hub is situated in the offices of the New Brunswick Lung Association.

Recently, the Hub launched Operation Climate, with support from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund and the Government of Canada.  Operation Climate is a series of partnership-driven workshops that engage various sectors of New Brunswick, including: educators, youth, agricultural professionals, health professionals, municipalities, First Nations, and individuals/organizations concerned with energy and transportation issues. Updates on these workshops and other events are posted on our website:

On April 22, the Hub helped to coordinate the launch of the Climate Change Bus, a project of the Falls Brook Centre.  The launch took place at Fredericton City Hall, and the bus will be touring New Brunswick, inspiring people to take action on climate change.  Call the Falls Brook Centre for more information or to book the bus: (506) 375-4310.