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Nature Trust of New Brunswick 
La fondation pour la protection des sites naturels du Nouveau-Brunswick

The Nature Trust's 23 preserves around the province (especially those with walking trails) offer an out-door opportunity for learning about the environment, ecology and need for nature conservation. 

The preserves with walking trails include Hyla Park in Fredericton (also has interpretive signage); Caughey-Taylor Preserve near St. Andrews; Belding Reef Preserve near Chance Harbour; and the Munro Memorial Shoreline on Grand Manan. Use of preserves is entirely at the users own risk. Contact the Trust for directions to preserves.

Education Materials / Programs Available:

Various publications concerning land conservation options for 
New Brunswick landowners
Resources for landowners wishing to protect environmentally significant property
Rare plant study of the upper St. John River
Forest Practices Guide for Working Forest Conservation Easements
Newsletters documenting current activities of the Nature Trust
Interpretive walking trails in Fredericton (Hyla Park) and St. Andrews (Caughey-Taylor Preserve) for nature education

Available to:

School groups (walking trails)

General public (newsletters and trails)

Landowners (land conservation resources)


Nature Trust of New Brunswick
La fondation pour la protection des sites naturels du Nouveau-Brunswick
P.O. Box 603
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A6
Tel.:(506) 457-2398
Fax: (506) 450-2137