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New Brunswick
Young Naturalists' Club

Maria Papoulias
NB Young Naturalist Club Coordinator
NB Federation of Naturalists
February 2005

o you love exploring and learning about nature?

Do you want to meet other kids who love nature and get involved in your community?

Are you between 6 and 12 years old?

Join the Young Naturalists' Club!

The New Brunswick Young Naturalists Club (or YNC) was created especially for enthusiastic young explorers like YOU! The YNC will help you discover the natural world all around you, from the mighty eagle soaring in the sky to the tiniest insect burrowing in the soil. You can become a "nature expert" by learning how to track animals in the snow, how to identify birds and plants or by observing what ants do as they go about their busy lives! The YNC also helps you learn how to make the world a better place for every living thing - for example, you can learn how to build bird and bat houses or make a garden with native plants that butterflies will love! Most of all, our YNC activities will show you just how much fun it is to explore the natural world around you!

The N.B. Young Naturalists Club has its own very special magazine. It contains all sorts of fascinating articles on birds, plants, bugs, frogs and just about everything else in nature! The YNC magazine also contains plenty of fun games and activity ideas. Best of all, you can share everything you've seen and learned with other young naturalists, since the magazine will feature drawings and nature observations by young explorers just like you!

You can also get involved in exciting YNC activities with your local club. Just imagine all the fun outings you and your friends could participate in! Perhaps you could go looking for owls at night… or splashing through a marsh to find frogs… or snowshoeing through the forest to look for tracks and traces of animals… there are so many possibilities! What have you always wanted to do? Share your ideas with your local club leader and you could make it happen.

Members of the Young Naturalists' Club will also have the chance to participate in our Action Awards program. Action Awards give you ideas for many different 'actions' you can take: some of these 'actions' will help you protect and conserve the environment, others involve participating in community activities and some 'actions' are designed to help you teach others everything that you know about nature. After you complete a certain number of 'actions' you can obtain your Bronze level Action Award and a great prize! Then, you can go for your Silver and Gold level awards. Best of all, you can become a nature expert along the way and you can do a lot of good for your environment.

So, if you love exploring nature and meeting new friends, join the YNC! Membership is only $15 per year, giving you four issues of our great magazine and the chance to participate in the Action Awards program and all the great activities held by your local club. 

Check out our website at for more details or to print out a membership form. You can also email us at or call (506) 459-4209.