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Piper Project -
New Brunswick Federation of Naturalists

With the goal to have a healthy and better environment, the Piper Project is always available and ready to present information which will enforce the conservation of our natural's habitats - which is often under important negative pressure.

All the materials and presentations are available to youth, teachers, classrooms, municipalities, community groups and anyone that lives or visits the coastal habitats, and to those who want to learn more about the environment.

Education Materials / Programs Available:

Species At Risk Presentations
The Piper Project can give presentations in the  Northeastern area of N.B. Presentations focus on such topics as species at risk and the coastal zone, they also directly connect with the curriculum of the class level. Presentations can be delivered in class or directly in the field.
Coastal Zone Presentations
Field Trips to Coastal Ecosystems
Piping Plover Interpretative Panels
Interpretative panels have been developed to provide the opportunity to municipalities and community groups to become involved in the protection of their precious environment and it's inhabitants - such as the Piping Plover. The purpose of these panels is to provide the information directly in the field, such as the beaches. The Piping plover is presently at risk and conservation measures should be taken all across NB. Interpretative panels are available to schools that would like to see their coastal habitat or beach protected.

Poster on the behavior of Piping Plover
(Species at risk)
Posters has been developed to promote the interpretative panels, they are available for schools and coastal communities. These posters also provide knowledge on the species at risk in our coastal regions, and they can be used to get classrooms and communities involved.
Interpretative panel on sensitivity of dune
Interpretive panels are presently being developed which will focus on the sensitivity of the dunes. They will have the same role as the interpretative panels on Piping plovers. Information on the importance of the dunes will be provided, as well as erosion and sea level rise issues, and coastal nature.

Lewnanny Richardson, Director / Biologist
Piper Project
1704 Rivière à la truite Road
Rivière à la truite, NB
E1X 2L5
Tel: (506) 395-3500