Crown Lands Co-Management Board

A Crown Lands Co-Management Board would establish the goals and objectives for the management of Crown land to ensure their use respects aboriginal rights while serving the common good. It would be required to establish such goals and objectives with the benefit of public and community involvement.

This Crown Lands Co-Management Board would be charged with setting specific goals and objectives to protect forest ecosystem function and conserve forest biodiversity across all seven ecoregions. It would set rules for all the Crown lands within which the Community Forest Boards would function to attain these goals and objectives. Management decisions at this level might include the regulation of harvesting technology, the establishment of natural protected areas and the delineation of wildlife corridors.

The Crown Lands Co-Management Board would have the legal responsibility to ensure that decisions it makes or those made at a more local level do not infringe on aboriginal rights but do foster conservation, and regional and economic fairness for all New Brunswickers. It would recommend through the Minister of Natural Resources to the Legislature what kinds of licences would be available to Crown land and under what terms. While it may initially make licensing decisions, over the longer term this responsibility would be that of the Community Forest Boards.

The Crown Lands Co-Management Board would be established by amendment to the Crown Lands and Forests Act and be able to enter in legal management agreements with Community Forest Boards that met the criteria established in the Act.

Members of the Crown Lands Co-Management Board would be publicly appointed by the New Brunswick government, and by Maliseet and Micmac authorities. Technical experts from the Department of Natural Resources and Energy, the Department of Environment, the Canadian Forest Service, and elders from the aboriginal communities would provide advice. Eventually, a council of Community Forestry Boards would be established to make recommendations to the Board on issues that came before it.