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To say that life is standardized means that life is becoming more uniform everywhere. This is occurring in different ways:

  • way of dressing

Everyone now wears jeans or a suit and tie. This is a European way of dressing, and so we are seeing the disappearance of local ways of dressing.

  • way of life

It has become common for everyone to get a job; alternative lifestyles are disappearing. Conspicuous consumption is also becoming more common.

  • language

Everyone speaks English these days. In Israel, people donít learn Hebrew and Arabic, which would make sense, instead their second language is English.

English is now the most common second language in the world.

  • media

Standardization of media can be seen in TV and radio. CNN is everywhere. American and European music is everywhere. Often in other countries you will hear elevator music of Beatles songs rather than local music.

It can be seen that the standardization of life really means the standardization of the American way of life.  For example, TV shows seen now around the world are mainly American TV shows. The same can be said of music and styles of clothing.

This is all globalization, and these are all aspects of the
global spread of capitalism, but...

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