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…what does capitalism really mean in an everyday sense?

Really, capitalism means the combination of private property and wage labor. 
For example: private property may be a factory, and I can hire people to work in my factory but I have to pay them a wage. This sets in motion a productive relation, which means someone agrees to work and to surrender what they make in exchange for a wage. An example: say I have a beer factory, if you worked at my beer factory and then took home so many cases of beer you would be charged with theft–instead you only get to take home a paycheck. A worker maybe makes $10 / hour but makes enough beer in that hour worth $50, then $40 of it goes to the capitalist who is the owner of the factory. This $40 is surplus value, or profit, and this is
the goal of capitalism.

So what?

Well, capitalism leads to supercorporations.

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