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Globalization would not exist without supercorporations. 
These corporations go around the world trying to maximize their profits (surplus value).

Therefore, globalization is the product of the search for profit.


There are various myths out there romanticizing globalization, saying we live in a global village etc. but the driving force is these huge corporations.

Globalization is the quest for cheaper labor. Companies do not relocate for balmier weather but for low wage zones, called export processing zones. There are over 200 of these zones around the world, mostly in third world countries without labor regulations.

Increasingly, globalization is also about avoiding environmental regulations. This also results in terrible working conditions for those working in these zones, who are mostly women for no money.

The new free trade agreements (e.g. GATT, NAFTA) have created this global environment in which MNCs can move capital, technology, goods, and services freely throughout the world and this is leading to even more domination.

From this point of view it is easy to see that globalization is not a romantic notion, but something to be watchful of.   *

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